Yoga Classes with Erling 6 week course

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Weekly Scaravelli yoga classes with Erling

Scaravelli yoga is a very deep, very effective and anatomical approach to yoga. It develops ways to move intuitively. Your spine is the centre of your movement. If our yoga can undo tension, refine movement and restore a natural suppleness and vitality to the spine. You will as a result, feel better and enjoy movement. We are designed to move so why not make it a easier, more enjoyable experience. Appropriate for all ages and yoga backgrounds. Yoga classes with a different approach to classical Hatha Yoga.

To enable you to really grasp the benefits Erling is teaching to a maximum 8 students per class. Classes are held in our yoga studio, warm and spacious for a personal touch.  Classes can be purchased as 6 week courses (6 consecutive weeks) or singularly as a ‘drop in’ all classes and courses need to be booked in advance.

Erling is a 500 hour dip. 2 IYN qualified Scaravelli inspired Yoga teacher.  

Classes are sold in blocks of 6 weeks to make one course. Booking a course guarantees you a space.

Course 1. 10th September to 15th October.

Course 2. 29th October 3rd December.

Drop in rates are £12 / class by appointment only.






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Scaravelli Yoga classes with Erling

Scaravelli yoga enables you to fully experience yourself during your yoga practice. It does this because we take our attention to how our neurological mapping is during yoga practice and yoga postures or Asana. Classical yoga tends to make the asana the final objective because it has an end result. Scaravelli yoga takes a more pragmatic and anatomical approach. Vanda Scaravelli pioneered this way and inspired many yoga teachers to follow her. She thought that gravity played its part and encouraged students to let go and go with it. Feeling is essential in Scaravelli yoga, noticing the sensations the central nervous system provide you. Listening provides the framework to how you respond to sensory input. We work the lines of support your bones provide. This structure supports the fluid body and when don’t have to use the bigger external muscles less they release and relax. And it is when there is less tension that you find more movement, your spine is able to move more freely. Freedom has always been the goal in yoga. 

How we relate to our bodies

Our bodies and minds are really quite miraculous aren’t they. ? Study any part of the body, or any of the body’s systems to witness this. For instance how the lungs function, how they integrate with the circulatory system, how they communicate and function with the nervous system. How each part or system supports and works on an astonishingly intricate and complex level with the other. In fact if we don’t have to split the body up anatomically, there is no ‘other’ part.

In a healthy balanced body this is never the case. The body isn’t really a list of separate parts and names functioning independently of the rest. Every tiny part or region of the body communicates with the rest. It is all intimately integrated because the body is ‘one’. Connected, whole. The only way we perceive our bodies as separate parts or bits is through the thinking mind.

How a Yoga practice in class or home helps

We can create the space to be with the body and the mind as a whole during our yoga classes. There are postures, exercises and techniques developed by yogis and buddhas to help us drop the thinking mind. The mind that separates, judges and departmentalises. We have the chance to practice Yoga which can support this communicative, integrated structure we call Us! Translated the word Yoga is as ‘to yoke’, join or connect. The guidance of yoga will the let the body and mind do the thing they want to do! To restore themselves to their natural state of balance.


Om Shanti  Erling McCracken

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Tuesday 2:30pm, Tuesday 6:30pm, Friday 10:00am

4 reviews for Yoga Classes with Erling 6 week course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Bulpitt

    Hi Erling, Great class the other day. Felt full of space when I left…..pity I had to go to work and not just stay spaced out for the rest of the day ! Looking forward to Friday’s class.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    kate Cooper

    Having been inspired by Vanda Scaravelli I was so pleased to find yoga teachers, Erling and Elaine at Isle of Yoga, that embrace this philosophy. Classes with Erling have been a wonderful learning experience. He has a deep understanding and passion for this living yoga practice and is a most patient and mindful teacher. Isle of Yoga is a very special place, warm and welcoming. Grazie mille Vanda Scaravelli and Erling – truly life changing.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clair Bowers

    What can I say…Erlings Scaravelli Yoga has made me a different person….happier…calmer…I absolutely live for this class and can’t recommend it highly enough to everybody and anybody! Truly inspirational and life changing,,,Erling and Elaine’s classes compliment each other perfectly..Thank you guys…you are a massively important part of my life glad I found the Isle of Yoga!! Xxx

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jane Conroy

    I attended a weekly class with Erling in a calm relaxing and beautiful environment, i have learned so much from Erling and look forward to learning more yoga has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough x

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