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Hosted Yoga Retreat Teacher Booking with Isle of Yoga

You teach, we host.

Hosted yoga retreat Teachers!

Hosted yoga retreat teachers! it let you get on with doing what you love best on retreat…teaching. Your a few steps closer to realising your dream if you’re new to teaching retreats or an experienced    yoga retreat teacher(s). Not everyone can get 20 plus guests to book on retreat any longer. We bet you can get 6. At Isle of Yoga we specialise in small groups where the pace can really slow down. You can give you’re time to your students because we do the rest.

Why work with us?:

We host you teach. Sounds simple enough and it is. After you have completed the online application forms below we’ll be able to build your website product page for our shop. Your students can book their spaces once the copy is agreed it goes live. We handle all the rest. We suggest co ordinating marketing campaigns online and social media. Our website gets good traffic on Google. As we said earlier, if all you had to do was market your retreat and turn up and teach, that might be reason enough.

What you get:

Our Yoga studio is a beautiful yoga room. The accumulative energy of 16 years teaching and practice has imbued it with a wonderfully special vibe. Its a fully equipped, warm and light & definitely a draw amongst Yogi’s.

The House:

We have 5 bedrooms, 4 doubles and 1 twin. All our rooms are really lovely and have very comfortable beds. There are tea making facilities in all the rooms, extra blankets and hot water bottles. None of our rooms are ensuite but share bathrooms/ shower rooms. However the ratio of guests to bathrooms ensures everyone access. You get communal space in the sun lounge (adjacent to the yoga room) and outside spaces in the rear garden.


We provide great quality food and own produced staples. We cater for all dietary requirements. The Island has some great food producers and where possible we use local ethnically sourced produce. We provide 3 meals a day and tea and refreshments.


We live at Isle of Yoga as a family. The environment is homely, something that our guests and teacher find comforting and supportive. The house easily takes small groups and is well suited to the task. The rear garden and yoga platform is delightful in the warmer months. The Island is a natural draw for Yogi’s. We are only 5 minutes walk from Shanklin beach, and the bay. Country side walks are within easy reach too. Did you know that 65% of the Island is ANOB?

Your Deposit:

Only when we confirm the weekend you want is available do you pay you’re deposit. The deposit secures your dates and is refunded to you after the retreat has concluded.

Your Fee:

Teaching fees are set depending on your experience and qualifications. We have worked with teachers over the years and ours are a fair reflection of the current yoga retreat market. We’re taking the strain of admin and bookings from you, and handle all correspondence with your students.

Minimum numbers:

5 is the magic number. We will need to have this number confirmed and booked within 30 days of the retreat start dates.

Weekend Theme and Schedule:

We will work with you to ensure your ideas and wants are met. Before your page goes live, we’ll agree all the details. 

Privacy Policy & Terms

We adhere to current guidelines and provide customers why we need to collect personal data to run our business. Please follow the following links. Privacy Policy.

Whats Next: 

Your bio, images and copy very important.

Complete these forms to submit your information : Yoga Bio, Theme, Images 

Check out our calendar for available dates. Secure your retreat with a small returnable deposit. Thats it for now. We’ll be in touch.



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