About your Yoga Hosts

Hi, we are Elaine & Erling McCracken

Yoga teaching is our passion. Yoga is how we met and what brought us together..our yoga teaching is what we share with you.

Our yoga practice has been a constant source of peace, power and inspiration for each of us. Individually, as partners and as a family. It keeps unfolding and is a living part of how we lead our lives, it brings love and appreciation, peace and fulfilment.

Life appears to move so fast today having a distracting and fragmenting effect on the individual. It’s easy to forget how to live simply and be present with yourself. Society can seem to take us further away from a fundamental connection with ourselves which we seek. This continuous search seems to be a major cause of stress, the root of many illnesses.

We turn to over eating, drinking, consuming (shopping).  Working or worrying or just use the plethora of distracting devices available to try to find a sense of peace within ourselves. The trouble is it’s an endless search, if you’re looking all over the place instead of right where you are…

Our yoga teaching dream of Isle of Yoga

At Isle of Yoga we run our own retreats to small groups. We host for visiting teachers, sharing the practices of Yoga and Meditation. We offer exceptional care and detail that makes the experience special. We have held our vision to share the wonder of yoga with people and for them to have the experience in a supported and understanding environment for many years. Erling and I provide a calm, supportive centre sharing the practices of Yoga and Meditation with people of all ages and walks of life. Giving a chance to find the peace that they’re really looking for.

We believe that Yoga brings you back home to relax in your true self. That is the space we would love to share with you.

We’ve practiced and studied with many great and inspiring teachers. We are both qualified and Insured Yoga teachers with years of experience between us both in teaching and through our own practice.


Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Erling and Elaine McCracken Isle of Yoga

Our yoga qualifications

Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Elaine McCracken Isle of Yoga

Elaine: Experience and Training

As a child of the 70’s one of my lasting memories is the sense of calm watching my Mum do yoga and how relaxed she was afterwards. When I started my life at Art college I joined the college Iyengar Yoga classes and became addicted to the physical challenge followed by the instruction during the final relaxation, it turned your awareness in on itself and produced this huge sense of inner peace.

  • 1989 – 1991 Attending weekly Iyengar style Yoga classes
  • 1991 – 1998 Exploring Yoga and Meditation as a home practice
  • 1999 – Sunra School of Yoga Teacher training diploma course (200 Hr) in Sivananda style of Yoga.
  • 1999 – Started teaching weekly Yoga classes including Yoga for pregnancy (whilst pregnant)
  • 1999 – 2001 Various Clive Sheridan Yoga Retreats in England, Nepal and India
  • 2006 – Completed teacher training in Yoga for children, taught Yoga at Primary and High schools
  • 2007 – 2008 Anatomy for Yoga teachers with Gary Carter
  • 2011 – 2012 Attended Silent Meditation retreats with Mooji (3 x 8 day retreats)
Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Erling McCracken Isle of Yoga

Erling: Experience and Training

My own practice and teaching started with Sivananda yoga in 1996, a few years later I did my first yoga teacher training course, qualifying to teach in 1998. Since then I have diligently practiced and learnt about myself through Yoga. I did my second yoga teacher training in 2015 and am a IYN registered 500 hour teacher. The way I teach now is very different to how when I started. I like the individual approach Scaravelli inspired Yoga allows. We must honour our evolutionary spine and how it wants to move. I am less focused on posture work by route rather letting the body find its natural way into functional movement that suits the individual. I encourage students to explore through clear techniques how they have embedded holding patterns, through injury or just life. Once we can let go of these the breath and fluid body responds without our will, then the yoga practice takes on its own life because its completely natural to us.


  • 2018 Accredited IYN 500 hour yoga teacher.
  • 2015 Graduated with a 200 hour Dip. 2  Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher training qualification from the IYN accredited Acquaviva School of Yoga.
  • 2011 – 2013 Attended Silent Meditation retreats with Mooji (3 x 8 day retreats)
  • 1998 Qualified from the Sunra School of Yoga, teacher training. Based on the Sivananda School of yoga.
  • 2002, we set up a yoga centre for the Island from our home, as Yogi Generation now renamed Isle of Yoga, we have hosted retreats, workshops, classes and residential courses since then.
  • Fully insured.
  • First started practicing yoga in 1996, have worked in various styles and been taught by many great teachers.
  • Suffered a prolapse disc which lead me to the Scaravelli approach to practice and yoga.
  • Since 2007 have worked with many leading Scaravelli teachers including; Diane Long, Sophy Hoare, Pete Blackaby, Marc Acquaviva (aka Marc Woolford), Sandra Sabatini and Gary Carter.
  • I’m 54 now, and have never felt better in my whole life, this yoga really works.
Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Elaine McCracken Isle of Yoga
Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Erling and Elaine McCracken Isle of Yoga
Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Erling and Elaine McCracken studio Isle of Yoga
Yoga teaching and yoga teachers Elaine McCracken in yoga pose Isle of Yoga
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