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First of all Yoga & Isle of Wight are phrases that link well as you shall find out. Secondly the Isle of Wight is closer than you think. Chances are you know where the Isle of Wight is, if you’re a UK resident. But do you know how easy it is to get to?. The Island has got great connections to mainland UK and crossing that short stretch of water places you in another world. Just what you need to for a yoga retreat. Read on.

The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a county and the largest and second-most populous island in England. Located in the English Channel, about 4 miles (6 km) off the coast of Hampshire, separated by the Solent. The island has resorts that have been holiday destinations since Victorian times, and because it is known for its mild climate, coastal scenery, and verdant landscape of fields, downland and chines. And now for Yoga.

A Yogi’s Island?

Its not surprising that Yogi’s love the Island. Cut off from the mainland, Island life has a distinctive quality about it. There is a slower pace to things. A little more relaxed and laid back, it has a relaxed vibe. These are common Island life qualities the world over. Yoga has at its core an internalising process to refined stillness. And Stillness or quietness are words often used to describe Island life.

More about that stillness!

You may have heard about The Yoga-Sūtra of Patanjali. It is one of the most enlightening text on spiritual development of all time and the back bone to yoga as we know it. Nearly 2000 years old this collection of 196 sutra’s ( a rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature ) reveal deep insightful observations of the human condition. Absolutely relative today. We practice yoga to still the mind. During this stilling process (nirodha) something changes to our attention. We can lock on to an object in our perception. And because of this internalisation of focus our senses can cease to react to external stimuli. This process Patanjali calls pratyahara. Consciousness begins to grow calmer.

Our reality is our mind?

This is what Island life means to me personally. A calmer more peaceful state of mind. It is also what our yoga guests get from visiting the Isle of Wight. It is a noticeable phenomenon that they appreciate in relationship to themselves, their own perception.

Thats no distance!

image of girls smiling around a dinner table for yoga isle of wight Isle of Yoga

Exactly how far is the Isle of Wight from say London? 90 miles. From Guildford 60 miles. And from Winchester only 45 miles. That’s to our door at Isle of Yoga. First of all there are over 200 ferry crossing a day during peak summer. Two major ferry companies connecting us operate from Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington. Further more rail links are good to both Portsmouth and Southampton. The Island own railway line connects to passenger ferries from Portsmouth. Thus travel times are surprisingly good. You can get to us within 3 hours from London Waterloo. For some thats practically door to door in 3 hours. Guildford is only 2 1/4 hours door to door. 

We recently hosted Mimi, a yoga teacher from Guilford with her students. The short journey time and the ease of travel amazed them. One minute they are settling down to a read or browse on the train. The next, they were being greeted with homemade cake and tea in our sun lounge.

Whats happening there?

At Isle of Yoga we host residential weekends for visiting yoga teachers like Mimi and her girls from Guildford. We also teach & host our own weekend yoga events. And lastly we have a Yoga B&B service at Isle of Yoga. We love nature down here. Luckily we have the coast and the country side right on our door step. Within 5 minutes you can be strolling along the beach at low water or heading along a bridle or footpath for the downs and fields. This combination of yoga and nature, of dynamic and stillness, makes the Isle of Wight a Yogi’s heaven.

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