Scaravelli inspired Yoga. What is it?

First of all Vanda Scaravelli was an Italian female yoga teacher and despite that she starting yoga in middle age she went on to become one of the most influential yoga teachers in the west. And because her students were for the most part already yoga teachers, her teachings have inspired or influenced countless yoga teachers and students alike.

In her own practice she recognised that when she stopped trying to submit to a dogmatic “one size fits all teaching” she found joy, release and a sense of freedom in her body. As a result she broke with conventional yoga thinking. She encouraged students to explore for themselves what postures would mean, if approached with in a kinder more intuitive way. 

Scaravelli inspired yoga is a deep & effective anatomical approach to yoga, which encourages developing ways to move intuitively. Practicing this way we can undo tension, refine movement and restore natural suppleness and vitality to the spine. As a result when the spine is not supporting unnecessary weight, our movements can become more fluid and easy. This has a profound effect on our ideas of “Yoga”, yoga asana and what meaning they take on for us individually.

Breaking with conventional ideas around stretching in postures (often over used and ill-informed word). Rather we can do the opposite of trying to pull & stretch joints open, we can focus on integrating, joining up the body. Movement happens as we release and there is a great joy in easy fluid movement. This is probably why we do yoga in the first place.

Scaravelli inspired Yoga is for who?

Everyone. There are no levels to achieve in Scaravelli inspired yoga or previous yoga experience necessary. The practice is not solely focused on posture (asana), therefore flexibility is not a requirement. Age is not a determining factor either. The physiology of this yoga practice means that for most people we are all beginners together.

Do you ever ask; why you should do Scaravelli inspired Yoga? the answer is simple. For better health, for ease of movement in functional daily activity perhaps to just feel better, even happier. Practice this way, using these principals in our yoga and on a physiological level the fluid body responds on its own accord. Your breathing deepens & you feel space. You release more and deeper. The opposite of tension is space & in its absence there is release and the spine set free. This is reason enough to practice Scaravelli inspired Yoga. 

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