Isle of Yoga Muesli 

Anyone who stays with us get an offering of our homemade muesli at breakfast.  Its been very popular, from the first serving. Its pretty delicious and always very freshly made. And so we are asked for our recipe, many times. Is it that good? that folks would get down to making it at home, taking a little piece of their experience with us on the Island, recreating it and getting that moment of  morning joy all over again?  Sharing Erling’s secret recipe?

Well connection, and joining up defines Erling’s yoga practice and gives a true meaning of what yoga is.. So of course guys here’s the recipe, shared with love..

Oh and if its too much bother to make, we are planning selling packs of our muesli from our shop in the not too distant future..

Use double the amount of Oats to the other grains, keep the others the same quantity..

So 200g organic rolled oats, 100g of each, Rye, Wheat, Spelt..

100g of Brazils, Cashews, Almonds, 

200g Pumkin seeds, 200g Sunflower seeds

Stir all the dry ingredients with a pinch of salt in a large bowl..

Now melt 70g Coconut oil, add 70g Date syrup and 20g Honey, stir really well and mixed and fold into the dry… 

Spread on baking sheets and dry in a warm 90-100 C oven for at least 1 hour..stirring &  turning at least once..

Its done… 

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