Integrated in yoga where stretching is really expanding from the inside.

This is my second key principal lesson for you. When we are integrated, joined up we can expand from the inside out. In our first lesson we did touch and feeling, settling inside. That becomes our starting place. So when can we move?  How should movement be initiated?

Our intention is to be present to the natural responses to this first settling in.

So here’s a posture to try..


Hands forward of shoulders, touching down. Be through your elbows. Kneeling with just tips of big toes touching down. Empty your breathe, follow the direction of the engagement with gravity emptying upper belly to lower. Does this make the tips of your big toes land more heavily? Go with this direction so your hips settle towards the tips your heels. Keep emptying out and settling.

If we can engage with the sides of the body, starting with little toes, side of the feet, outer ankle, outer knee, outer thighs, hips, waist, side ribs, shoulders, side of neck, corners of your mouth, temples, ears, little fingers and sides of the hands.. and notice. You will quite possibly feel that you are becoming wider.. During this process you are breathing..So how far can you expand during each outward breath? How far can you get into the width of yourself?

Now see what changes and what you want to do patient

Is the movement now away from the ground? expanding into space all around, from the inside? Is expanding like Stretching?

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