Quick & simple mindfulness Practice: Dog Breath

This is a quick & simple mindfulness Practice that I’m calling Dog Breath because I have this photo of Honey and I’m sure she’s meditating in it.

Set the timer on your phone for 8 minutes, read this first and then start

You can be sitting, walking etc. feel tall in your spine (no need to stretch up or cause tension, just find some space)

1. Notice the next time you breath in & bring your attention to any sensations as the breath enters your nostrils, how it feels in your body, watch as it changes & becomes the out breath, become sensitive to it, carry on observing as it leaves your body. Do this over again, stick with it

2. Just let your breath be natural

3. If you get distracted, which you’re pretty much guaranteed to do, at some point you’ll realise and remember,

“watch the breath”

don’t chastise yourself for getting distracted, it is bound to happen, just recognise this is the real ‘gold’ the point where you remember and guide yourself back to the breath. This is awareness of the activity of your mind

A daily dose of 8 minute dog breath will help to ground you in the present moment, give you a sense of your self which is ‘bigger’ than your thoughts

Hope you enjoy!

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