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encouraging harmony of the mind, body and spirit
yoga poses for Isle of Yoga

Why do yoga?

The regular practice of yoga asanas (poses) can help improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as improving your flexibility and ease of movement. The relaxation techniques you will learn can also help to reduce chronic pain, and help you to manage stress and improve mental well being. Yoga on the Isle of Wight with Isle of Yoga.

It’s easier than you think! 

Your teachers & hosts

A unique space to experience yourself. Family home to the McCracken’s and a nurturing, intimate place to practice & learn so you may find the natural state that is you. Isle of Yoga can be your opportunity to have a class, workshop, holiday or a hosted retreat. We host for smaller groups, our approach is Scaravelli influenced where individual student attention is key. Give yourself the gift of time, immerse yourself in this ancient practice from our spacious and comfortable home.

We welcome you. Erling & Elaine McCracken


Holidays, retreats and workshops

We host regular workshops and retreats. Get away from it all in one of these immersive programmes of yoga, meditation and relaxation. We offer exceptional care and detail that makes the experience special. You will return refreshed.

Yoga for all ages

Whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from regular practice. We believe that Yoga brings you back home to relax in your true self, from there we learn that we can be peaceful, healthy and happy.

Convenient class times

We offer morning and evening classes on different days. You can choose the class time that works best for you and your schedule.

Testimonials from students

“I arrived at Isle of Yoga on my 40th birthday. I spent three wonderful days with Erling and Elaine. Their place is very welcoming, it has a natural stillness in every angle. With Erling I learnt a whole new universe of functions and senses within my body specially the power of breathing, it felt like I’ve never taken a proper breath before in my life. It changes everything.” – Yuka Ito.

“If you get the opportunity to spend a weekend hosted by Elaine and Erling at Isle of Yoga, with a special guest teacher – book in asap! The space is beautiful, food is lovingly prepared, you are a few minutes walk from the beach and the smaller group setting of the retreat means you get so much more out of the experience.” Laura Gate-Eastly – London & Isle of Wight.

“Isle of Yoga is a beautiful haven. I spent 6 weeks with Elaine, having one to one tuition and found her to be the most relaxing yet informative instructor. I could feel all my tension and stresses leaving my body. Can’t wait to book my next classes. Can’t recommend Elaine highly enough.” – Chloe R.

“Just been on an amazing Workshop in the Isle of Wight. Although I have practiced different types of yoga in the past, this is my first experience of Scaravelli inspired. It has taught me to stop striving for the posture and listen to my body. Thank you Erling and Elaine for your wonderful hospitality in your lovely home. I shall definitely be attending future workshops with you.” Betty Richmond – Southsea

“I fractured my sacrum eight months before I started my first ever yoga class with Erling. I had a six week one to one course. Erling made me feel very relaxed as I was quite nervous. My main problem was movement and confidence to move due to my back injury. By the end of my course I felt much more confident to do things I had not been able to do since my injury thanks to Erling’s encouragement, knowledge and expertise. I would definitely recommend him”. – Tina

“Can’t recommend Erling highly enough. Very relaxed and informative one to one in their beautiful studio. Looking forward to my next session “. – Suzy

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